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User photo of Dana H. on yelp 5.0 star rating 9/11/2014

I experienced bloom tonight for the first time and it was amazing!!! Thea was incredible, my hair cut was great and my color is beautiful. I highly recommend going to this salon! I will definitely be back. Also, they were very friendly and open and provide an excellent atmosphere!

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User photo of Leah P. on yelp 5.0 star rating 6/30/2014

Thea, Jennifer & Sheena are all excellent stylists. I get my hair done mostly by Thea and sometimes Jennifer. They both are equally good at what they do. The salon is beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing and fun. The prices are perfectly reasonable, I would even pay more, that is how good they are. They have an awesome color line and they always listen to exactly what you want to do to your hair. (Some stylists do not listen to what the client wants..not here) They are great at formal occasion style as well, my friends and I came in to get our hair done for a ball we had at our University and all of our hair turned out perfectly. If you are looking for a new salon in Rhode Island, it is worth it to check it out! I promise you won't want to go anywhere else.

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User photo of Alan W. on yelp 5.0 star rating 12/5/2013

What a wonderful salon. As a guy I usually don't go to salons but was eating nearby so gave it a try. Really great folks.

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User photo of Beth G. on yelp 5.0 star rating 11/25/2013

Awesome salon! Jennifer and her stylists are the best, I wouldn't go anywhere else. My husband gets his hair cut here, and my son just went for the first time as well. Beautiful look about the salon -- open, light, airy. And they make great coffee, too!

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User photo of TA M. on yelp 5.0 star rating 11/7/2013

What can I say... Bloom is more than a fantastic place to get your hair done. It's an experience. Owners Jen and Thea are on top of every aspect that makes a salon amazing. From the high end products used (Oribe...yes- Oribe), the calm and relaxed atmosphere, the fun conversation, every new magazine one could think of and a delicious latte to top it off. More importantly, I have never left Bloom with anything but amazing hair. Jen and Thea listen to what you would like to have done, and ensure that when you leave their salon, your hair has never looked better. I could not speak more highly of Jen, Thea or Bloom. Barrington may have a lot of great (or not so great) salons, but there isn't one that could compare to the awesomeness that is Bloom. Check it out- you won't regret it.

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User photo of m.a. m. on yelp 5.0 star rating 9/7/2013

I have had a hard time finding a salon near here that gave me a good haircut. I recently have been going to Winchester MA where my daughter got her hair cut--but it had been way too long since my hair was cut and a trip north was not happening.
I went to Yelp and found a listing for Bloom.
The salon is lovely- bright and open, but even better I met Thea, a stylist with the unique ability to really listen to what I wanted, and then to suggest some improvements to my vision.
The chatter was so fun, cooking, babies, beaches--all things I love--all while giving me a great haircut.
I got my new style yesterday--loving it so far--but if I have and problems, Thea said "just come back,and we'll make it right".
I'm 67 and this might be the best cut and salon visit I've ever had. Thanks Bloom!!

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User photo of Beth S. on yelp 5.0 star rating 9/4/2013

Just had a wonderful experience at the beautiful new Bloom Salon. Bloom is a terrific place! I loved the atmosphere and got the best haircut, while drinking my latte and having snacks. Jennifer treats you to a relaxing and enjoyable experience as she does an amazing job on your hair.

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User photo of Philip S. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/28/2013

I just got my second hair cut at Bloom Salon and love the staff and the atmosphere. My girl Sheena always styles me the way I like it. (The main reason to return to a salon or hair dresser).

The bonus is loads of natural light, easy parking, attractive and interesting stylists and free cappuccino and treats (if you like that sort of thing while getting your hair cut).

If you are looking for a new place or change of pace, check it out!


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User photo of Audrey E. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/27/2013

What a gorgeous little salon! Bright and welcoming environment near downtown Barrington, fantastic stylists and luxurious products. My daughter an I both got fantastic haircuts. This is my new most favorite place! Ample parking, credit cards accepted.

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User photo of Elizabeth R. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/24/2013

Lovely, bright salon - comfortable and elegant at the same time. My daughter and I both had our hair cut there and we're pleased!

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User photo of Kate C. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/23/2013

Jennifer is the best and the salon is beautiful - it feels like the Anthropologie of hair salons. Wouldn't get my hair cut anywhere else!

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User photo of Shawna R. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/16/2013

Salon is beautiful, open, and bright. Location is very accessible, easy parking. Husband got the best haircut he's ever had from Thea, definitely sending him back for all future cuts.

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User photo of anonymous on superpages 5.0 star rating 8/15/2013

I was looking for a change and I allowed the stylist to cut my hair however she thought would work best. The service was fast, comfortable and my hair came out great and is still looking good 2 weeks later. This is a new salon, and the decor is spacious and welcoming. I will definitely be returning for my next cut.

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User photo of Gloria M. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/14/2013

Jennifer is the best hair stylist in New England...love getting my hair done at Bloom!

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User photo of Victoria M. on yelp 5.0 star rating 8/14/2013

Beautiful, Clean! Absolutely lovely experience! Relaxing and Excellent service.

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