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Pioneer in botanical hair care, PHYTO products are highly concentrated in pure plant extracts. Our entire line contains over 500 active botanical ingredients and is 95% natural. With 50 years of research and expertise, PHYTO has conducted thousands of clinical studies and scientific tests. It is with this respect of science and nature that PHYTO has the know-how to reveal and restore hair's natural beauty.

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Patrick Ales, creator of Phyto, has had a passion for plants and hair for over 40 years. He has used his scientific knowledge and vision to create a fantastic range of natural plant based beauty products specialising in hair care.

Phyto's mission is to provide the best hair care products on the market by using the finest and most effective active ingredients found in plants. The Phyto hair range aims to preserve hair’s natural health and beauty, whilst continuing to research the best ways of protecting and preserving hair.

Phyto understands that hair still remains a fragile substance and that the modern lifestyles we lead only add to the stresses and strains on our hair. That is why their products remain natural with formulas that protect, nourish and cater for every individual hair care need.

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